Automate the annoying bits of your workflow, without changing the way to work

Are you tired of repeating the same tasks over and over again?

Would you like to save time on tedious, repetitive, tasks so you have more time for what matters most?

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We make wonderful Web Apps & Tools for Small Businesses to help smooth out your workflow. Our solutions are simple-to-use, and effective.

Case Studies

Daycares & Preschools

How this owner saved $24K every year by automating 3 parts of her preschool business (and then opened two more schools in 4 years)

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Green Manufacturing

How this green manufacturing business increased his conversion rate from 12% to 22% (while freeing up his intern)

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Clinical Research Organisations

CRO Client/Candidate System saves Clinical Research Organisation £900K every year

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Some of our clients

Are you a small business?

You have the advantage of being nimble and fast. You can react to market changes faster than your competition because you don’t have layers of management that slow things down. Being small is an advantage, not a disadvantage!

We help you take advantage of this by providing software solutions that are affordable, easy to use and scalable for your business needs.

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