Hello my name is
Dil Ahdan

I'm a Front-end Developer from London who has a passion for making useful things on our amazing open web.

I've been producing sites & apps for over 8 years and have been in the IT industry since 1997.

My speciality is designing user interfaces that are simple, accessible & fun to use.



I craft responsive web sites. I take a Mobile First approach when designing to make sure your content looks great on whatever device your customers choose to use.

I create user experiences & translate brands that build emotional relationships with your target audience.


I build using semantic HTML5, unobtrusive JavaScript and modular CSS3 (♥ SASS). I have experience with integrating into Ruby (♥ Rails), PHP and .NET back-end systems.

I write code that is modular, semantic & optimised.


Using analytical data I can help you understand how effective your site is and assist you to improve goal conversions – for example filling out enquiry forms or adding products to a shopping basket.


Below are some examples of my work including Design, Front-end Development & Back-end Integration.

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